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The product

Pure nature for clean kilometers and a cleaner air

The product XMILE is a bio catalyst based on enzymes. Pure nature, in contrast to other premium fuel products with agressive chemical components added. The enzymes in XMILE process the fuel at the molecular level, resulting in a better and faster combustion. This ensures that less fuel is used, the emission of harmful substances is lower and the engine becomes and remains cleaner. Especially in the transport sector and in shipping, XMILE is frequently used and proves its many advantages every day. Economically and environmental!

Good to know
XMILE has been scientifically tested and demonstrably contributes to the reduction of particulate matter, CO and NOx. XMILE is certified as a 7% CO2 reducer and has the predicate 'Lean & Green Tool' .

Appealing references
XMILE has been extensively tested in laboratories and by users. For example, many transport companies make use of the product and thus realize considerable fuel savings. XMILE is liked to be seen in shipping. For example, Teso, the Dutch company that operates the ferry service between Den Helder and Texel, has been using XMILE for years. The savings through the use of XMILE gives Teso 700 'free' crossings every year! We cannot wish for a better and greener reference.

A cleaner air with XMILE because:

  • Up to 50% less particulate matter in urban traffic
  • Fuel saving up to 7%
  • 32% CO and 7% NOx reduction
  • Better combustion
  • Less smoke and soot emissions
Xmile test on a gasstation