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The kick off of our campaign

Drive your city clean!

The Kick off of the program was on March 9 2018 in the city of Arnhem, the home town of the company Xmile. It was the start of the campaigns drive the Netherlands clean and drive your planet clean.

Arnhem, the home of XMILE, is in the top 4 of Dutch cities with the worst air quality. We will do something about this by refueling the city with our enriched fuels. This is possible from the beginning of March 2018 at the Vitesse Tankstation Velperpoort on the J.P. van Muijlwijkstraat in Arnhem. XMILE makes the enzyme technology available for all gasoil and gasoline fuels for a year. Free. Because cleaner air is not a commercial goal but a social task that XMILE takes very seriously. 

We see it as a gift to the city of Arnhem and its residents.